Welded assemblies

We manufactures steel components and products according to your specifications with full respect to quality, lead times and costs.

From small simple parts to complex metal structures with hundreds of components, we deliver to customers in various industries.

Industries and products:

  • Steel poles
    Street lighting steel poles
    Traffic signal structures
    High mast towers
  • Equipment for roads and motorways
    Carriers for horizontal signalisation
    Carriers for vertical signalisation
    Barriers and protective meshes
    Noise protection barriers
    Equipment used in maintenance and more.
  • Machinery manufacturing industry
    Parts for machinery and machinery
    Associated accessories and mechanical parts
  • Construction industry
    Construction scaffolding and accessories
    Supporting columns
    Ceiling and Wall formwork and accessories
    Formwork for circular columns
    Various moulds according to customer orders
  • Energy industry
    Corrugated wall tanks for distribution transformers
    Carriers, Protective sheeting
    Mounts for solar panels
  • Other
    Various components for ships
    Various components for industrial facilities

Image Gallery

Please let us know if you would like further information about our products.

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