Company profile

Omega d.o.o. Breznica

Omega d.o.o. Breznica is a privately company founded in 1990, a company for manufacturing and commercial trading which had at that time employed 8 workers. Manufacturing was carried out in the manufacturing facility covering 600 square metres with the main production program being metal sheet processing. The machinery facility in which manufacturing took place were basically a set of straight scissors used for cutting 6 mm sheeting and circular scissors for 4 mm sheeting and a forklift.

During subsequent years, and following market trends and demands, the company continued to invest in employees and increase production capacities by constructing a new facility and purchasing modern machinery for metal processing, creating therefore a complete production process.

Today, twenty years later, Omega d.o.o. Breznicacarries out production in three manufacturing plants covering a total of 13,000 square metres and which includes a plant covering 1,300 square metres containing a newly-installed production line for hot-dip galvanisation.

Manufacturing capacities

We provide metal processes services in any phase of the project. We are trained and equipped to utilise all accessible technology for metal processing, including: hot-dip galvanising, turning, bending, cutting, assembling and welding. The company’s manufacturing capacities consist of modern machines for metal processing that meet even the most complex market demands. Automatic machine lines, special-purpose machines, processing centres, our own galvanising plant are just some of the features that leads to the fact that Omega Breznica d.o.o. justifiably participates in large metal processing projects. More information…

Manufacturing program

The manufacturing program comprises proprietary products and products manufactured according to orders for standardised and non-standardised dimensions. The product assortment includes metal products and activities related to metal processing such as design, engineering, manufacturing and maintenance. Since it very foundation, Omega d.o.o. Breznica has focused on countries in the European Union with an total of 70% of production exported to European Union countries. The choice of Omega Breznica as an exclusive supplier or metal components by a number of foreign partners speaks of Omega’s ability to ensure all the individual demands of buyers. More information….